Smarty Relocation Packers and Movers Terms and Conditions

  1. Smarty Relocation Packers and Movers is referred to as the “Company” in this context.
  2. A “Quotation” or “Estimate” is a no-obligation contract between the Company and the Customer that is based on mutually agreed-upon terms and circumstances.
  3. The term “Customer” refers to the person who enters into a contract with the Company to deliver Services, regardless of whether he owns the Goods or Fixtures.
  4. “Goods” refers to the item or items for which Relocation Services are to be provided, but does not include coins, cash, bank notes, cheques, money orders, postal orders, national saving certificates, premium bonds, travel tickets, passport, securities, manuscripts or documents of any kind, Jewellery, Perishable goods, hazardous materials such as Crackers, Explosives, Chemicals, Filled Gas Cylinders, Battery Acids, Inflammable Oils such as Diesel, Petrol, Kerosene
  5. In terms of Handyman Services, the organization takes no responsibility for the disassembly or reassembling of particle board furniture, customized furniture, or air conditioners. Customers are encouraged to employ Handyman Services in advance for any such supplies.
  6. (a) A copy of all essential documentation in the name of the transferee or authorisation from the firm to move in a different name must be supplied for vehicle moving. (b) Vehicles must have 10-15 liters of gasoline to drive on and off the loading and unloading site. (c) Motorcycles: Please drain the gasoline tank / oil entirely to avoid spilling / leaking during travel.
  7. The Services are available throughout the Company’s regular business hours, which are 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., Monday through Sunday, excluding public holidays. However, by dialing – 07000593277, we provide 24 hour packers and movers services in Hyderabad.
  8. Any quotation or moving estimate supplied by the Company to offer the Services will be accepted for 15 days following submission before being deemed withdrawn.
  9. The quote and all of its provisions become legally binding once accepted. The Company shall select how the Services are to be supplied, to the exclusion of the Customer, and may alter its choice from time to time by mutual agreement only, and may be charged accordingly.
  10. If the consumer cancels the contract, the confirmation deposit or advance is forfeited and will not be returned. The Customer is responsible for ensuring proper access to all essential premises for the delivery of the Services. If the acres are too narrow for vehicle or people mobility, the customer must pay additional expenses to make the delivery arrangement, or they can create their own arrangement.
  11. The firm excludes the following from its moving services: i) split pickup/multiple pickup and/or delivery ii) Plant removals / crating of any item not specifically stated in the estimate Long carry, society/elevator fees, and parking fees iv) any vehicle detention v) transit storage and any forced circumstance vi) any Octroi / Mathadi / Toll / Entry Tax / Labor Union Charges in any state, if applicable vii) collection or delivery via steps above the second story (if a service lift is not available) viii) additional handling fees for things that cannot be obtained by elevator (hoisting/stair carry).
  12. The firm maintains the right to collect up unpacking material and rubbish. Unpacking material will be charged at Rs.75 per carton if kept by the client for local transferring, or extra transport charges for material pick up at a later date will be charged at a minimum of Rs.1500 within Hyderabad city.
  13. The insurance does not cover loss or damage caused by seizure by the government, customs, or other government officials. It also excludes loss or damage to the owner’s possessions, as well as jewelry/cash, deeds, traveler’s checks, plants, gas cylinders, alcoholic drinks, contraband, or other forbidden things.
  14. Internal damages of any type are likewise not covered by insurance unless outward physical damage is present. Any exterior damage must be reported on the packing inventory on the day of delivery. This is true for all electrical equipment, including laptops, speakers, and so forth. Electrical or mechanical malfunction coverage is offered, excluding autos, and can be added in writing for a 3% premium increase. Customers can also employ our Wooden Crate Packing Services for a fee.
  15. The Company shall assume no liability for damage to Goods and/or Fixtures unless a fair chance to assess such damage is provided. In any case, claims submitted in writing will be handled by the third-party insurance agent rather than the corporation.
  16. The Customer agrees not to make any claim against any of the Company’s servants or agents that imposes or seeks to impose any responsibility whatsoever in connection with the Services and, if such a claim is made, to indemnify the Company against any consequences thereof.
  17. Payment must be paid by cheque or credit card, plus any relevant card fees, before to packaging or shipping. As a unique situation with limitations and circumstances, credit till the time of delivery might be provided. If payment is not received in full prior to delivery, the firm maintains the right to postpone delivery until full payment is received.
  18. This quotation’s work will be completed in compliance with the Indian Contract Act of 1872. Multiple pick-ups and deliveries are not included unless otherwise indicated. While all precautions are taken when packing, transit risks must be covered. You are presumed to have self-insured the products in the absence of insurance coverage.