Privacy Policy | Smarty Relocation Packers and Movers

At Smarty Relocation Packers and Movers, we value your privacy and make it a top priority to protect it. To that purpose, our Privacy Statement explains in detail how we protect your privacy. We respect our clients’ online privacy. We safeguard private and sensitive customer information.

Requesting Your Personal Data

On a regular basis, we may ask clients for personal information such as their name, address, e-mail address, employment, interests, and other information. We will only use your information to send you items and services that we feel you would enjoy. If you choose to send your personal information to us or our business partners through the Internet, we will make every attempt to alert you of how we will use it. When we ask for personal information from you, we will give a link to our policy statement.

Personal Information Privacy

We will take all required steps to protect your personal information. Among the techniques utilized include limiting access to consumer information databases, publicizing this policy statement to firm employees, and creating and penalizing policy violators. The firm will not sell, rent, or give away its customers’ personal information to other parties in order for them to sell them additional products or services. When we work with other firms to promote or advertise our products or services, we will require them to sign binding agreements that preserve the sensitive information of our clients. All privacy agreements with third parties will be carefully enforced. Personal information is collected from our clients in order to better our interactions with them.

We sometimes ask client input on our goods and services. We may decide which things and services to make accessible to our clients based on your comments. We will contact a client by e-mail or other online delivery methods if they desire it. Clients who feel they are receiving our emails in error or who no longer want to receive them should tell us, and their names will be deleted from our mailing lists. Our firm will utilize e-mail and traditional mail sparingly to communicate with clients. Please contact us if you have any questions or complaints about our privacy policies.